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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by patch227, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. patch227


    Seeing as IB can't seem to get their Bulletin Board fixed I wonder if someone here can tell me where to find out which version of Java is the best to use with a standalone TWS?
  2. IB are still on the latest version of 1.5

    Personally I'm finding 1.6_03 to be just fine.
  3. patch227


    Tks Kiwi

    where did you find out which java version TWS is optimized for?
  4. JackR


    An interesting question. If you go to the IB web site to download the TWS, let's say to a new machine, when you are prompted to get Java, the link IB provides takes you to the latest version of Java on Sun's web site.

    The Java version issue seems to be a favorite whipping boy for the customer service group at IB whenever there are inexplicable problems with the TWS.

    I've been running 1.6_03 just fine.

  5. Exactly.

    IMO as a software engineer...
    Java is very stable and backward-compatible...
    So Java issues would be EXTREMELY RARE...
    Maybe seen by people with really unusual or old computers.

    IB Customer Service is ** directed ** to totally abuse the "Java problem" excuse.

    This is Evil.

    They even use it for completely unrelated issues...
    Like you got a bad execution on an ECN...
    And some Customer Service idiot claims it's your Java version.

    The "Java excuse" is so profoundly phony...
    That my trust in IB has now gone to ZERO...
    And mr.Peterffy's constant claims that IB is somehow morally superior to other brokers...
    Is just total bullsh*t.
  6. JackR



    What is your basis for that statement? I can see someone making it up on the fly to get off the phone, but directed?

  7. patch227


    Yeah Thanks for that info Jack

    I was looking in the release note but obviously it wouldn't be there.

    I am still waiting for my Top Secret clearance to come through so are not trusted with this vital info.

    My TWS is all fine; I just do not want to upgrade java and have a problem.
  8. I dunno....ThinkorSwim has some very fine Java developers and their platform has been stuck on 1.05_11 for 9 months. I asked about moving up to 1.06_02 and they said it was buggy. I am hoping the latest _03 release will work for them as I could use the speed improvement.
  9. nassau


    we previously upgraded from the 1.5 to 1.6 on our computers.
    we had many issues and were told by IB support they do not support 1.6 as it has too many bugs and we told to remove and reload 1.5.
    We have less issues with this version. Now mostly loss of data on tws several times during the day. This was advised to us mid September when some of our remote traders ran into issues.

  10. Catoosa


    I also rolled back to Java 1.5_11 on the PC I use TWS. I have Java 1.6_03 on other PCs.
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