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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by tntneo, May 30, 2001.

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    BTW, in case you don't know, IB released an update of the standalone JTWS tuesday, may 29.
    it seems Best_Ecn shows correct bid/ask now.

    Anyone tried Best_ECN already ?
    I did, but only once the fill speed was not that great. But it does not mean anything [one test you know].
    And the feature was not officially released [I am not sure it is now].

    It is a pity IB does not explain the basic logic used by Best_ECN. Def, you are welcome to give us more info :)

    Of course, it is obvious, it'd try to get a fill at the best price. But I'd like to know what is the strategy :

    - when there is no fill at the inside, where is the order placed ?
    normally, when using direct ECN, the remaining order goes to the book. In the case of best ECN is it the same : going to the book of the ECN which filled ? or does IB try another ECN ?

    - what is the time out per ECN when trying to fill ?

    - any other info which would tell us what behaviour to expect. We can learn by trial and error, but I'd rather not...

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    you have come across what is called a soft/stealth release which basically means that no announcement has been made. I think they are playing around with different logic and beta testing and when they are content with the feature an announcement will be made. If/when I find out more info about it, I'll make a posting.