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  1. The new version of TWS (845.5) has a "Regular Trading Hours Only" option. Does anyone know if this applies to basket orders?

    I sent an email to IB with the question and was told that the option does work with basket orders. However, while waiting for the email response I "chatted" with a rep. That rep indicated that the option does not apply to basket orders. :confused:
  2. Aaron


    Can you make a basket of a couple away-from-the-market limit orders to check it out?

    Aaron Schindler
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  3. I'm not sure. I thought that the orders might show as active but only be filled if limit price is hit during market hours.
  4. sprstpd


    Assuming you are trading equities, put in a fake (i.e., put in a bunch of buy orders at $0.01) basket order after hours and check the INET book or ARCA book on the web to see if your limit orders are active on those ECNs or not. That will tell you the answer to your question.


  5. alanm


    You might want to make that 0.02 - there are MMs (or pseudo-MMs) that post 0.01 bids (and 2*closing price offers) on ARCA in a large number of stocks :)
  6. The latest version seems to be making my cpu peg take from 35 to 50 % of the cpu time constantly. I have never had this issue before and have used IB since it came out.

    Anyone else have this problem? I have installed the most recent java.

  7. Thanks,

    I'll give that a try and see what happens.
  8. Submitted some limit orders to ARCA prior to the open. They did not show up on the book. So, it appears that the "Trading Hours" option does impact basket orders.