IB: backfilling quotes

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  1. qdz2


    let me correct the terminology that I should use.

    * scalable framework
    * update speed or refresh frequency of stream quotes.

    And no way! That is I refuse the backfill proposal under the current circumstance.

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  2. white17


    Unless my clock is really off, it's 2:30 in the afternoon in London when NY opens. Why would you oversleep in that situation?
    #12     Mar 16, 2003
  3. I looked into this for Euro and Hong Kong data. If you are really serious, a few hundred per month should be doable (I can see Nitro laughing).

    FutureSource offers both markets, but grossly marks up exchange fees.

    Aspen Graphics, via S&P Comstock, does the same with marginal, if any markup. Its been years since I've used either (but have used both seperately), so I can't speak for em. I do know that Aspen is very high end on tech analysis. Comstock is like Reuters with international data.

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  4. NO!

    The faster and more frequently the quotes in TWS can update, the better. But backfill has no business slowing down IB's systems!
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  5. VS. a real data feed.

    Funny guy Lobster.
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