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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by just21, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. just21


    Is IB backfill usually busy when the US markets open? I am trying out amibroker but it gets 5/6 of the way throught he backfill before IB says it is throttling the request. The bottom left of the screen says it has retrieved 25,670 bars of one minute data but does not display them. Any ideas?
  2. Neodude


    My guess is that every dentist, lawyer, and grandmother is trying to logon and sell their portfolio, which would explain the slow response of the system.

  3. Or buying...
  4. 4XIS4U


    This has been discussed 100 times here... if you will lose over $200 in (ONE) trade and you'll probably do 100s in a month, why bother saving $ 200 in data fees and have it at fast pace? :eek:
  5. just21


    What do you recommend?
  6. The throttle mechanism changed in the last month. Amibroker probably need to update their code.
  7. Works fine. Just switch to View->Intraday->1 minute.
  8. 4XIS4U


    If you need tick charts IQFeed would do fine, otherwise you'll need eSignal...

    now, if you want charting and the IQFeed feed for free, try Ensign for $ 40/month -- it works with IB backfill as well... or QuoteTracker which works fairly well with IB feed.