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  1. Is the backfill not available today?
  2. I have no problems with it. What symbols are you having an issue with ?
  3. GBL and ESTX50

    But NQ is OK!

    Are the Eurex data sources having problem?
  4. lojze


    Sometimes, but rarely they have problems.
  5. No problems with GBL or ESTX50
  6. mokwit


    Still having problems. Metaserver returns no 'day' data and over on Sierra board people are reporting similar problems with 'no data' or' server should be available but is not'. I can get 'day' data for EUR but not SPI.

    Seems to me some changes have been made by IB and this is affecting the way 3rd party apps interface with backfill server. Everything was fine last Thurs, was out Fri, and had problems Fri evening when attempting to fill the gap. Now my data is totally screwed up.



  7. mokwit


    It is pretty obvious that IB have made changes and so of course the 3rd party app which worked for MONTHS is now set up incorrectly following their changes.

    So what stunt do they pull? They point out that the 3rd party app is making incorrect requests and therefore the problem is (YES YOU GUESSED IT) the third party apps and of course NOT the fact that they have made changes that have caused apps that previouly worked fine to have incorrect settings following IB's changes. What a load of BS
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    Mokwit, I am very disappointed by your post. You know that we have been working hard together with you and the third party app. providers to figure out the cause.

    Without going into too much detail, the issue is related to the fact that we are rolling out an upgrade that will allow the system to provide daily bars so that charts covering say a whole year can be generated. This upgrade has not been fully compatible with how certain third party apps request data. This should be corrected in short order.

    In the past we have given you direct access to our developers. Given how grossly you misrepresented our efforts in your post, you have now lost that access.
  9. mokwit


    That is not the version I got from your developers. This is the first time that IB have acknowledged that THEY have made changes that has inevitably affected apps set up for previous protocols. The version I got from your developers was that the problem was due entirely to 3rd part apps making incorrect requests. You can tell that from the email I have already sent and the one I will send.

    NOW, if what you had just explained had been explained to me before rather than giving me some BS I would have of course respected this and given you more leeway. But it was not, what I got was a fob off blaming 3rd party apps and not admitting the fact that you had made changes. I DON'T LIKE BEING treated like I am stupid. I REPEAT, This is the first time that IB have acknowledged that THEY have made changes that has inevitably affected apps set up for previous protocols as might be expected.

    As for your denying me access to developers, go right ahead, I probably will close the account anyway after this last round of BS so who cares?, but if I don't, then I will just have to raise the issues here. This has been dragging on since my initial polite PM on 1 Feb, which wa sent maybe a week after the problem started.
  10. How do you use backfill on IB charts. I tried to do with SGXNK, but anytime i open the chart, it just starts from there and did not show any previous data. Do I have to do different things to get the data. This is my first time to use chart for any symbol. So I have no idea.

    thank you whoever answer first and second.
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