IB backfill problem

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  1. look at the chart

    there is a gap after 14:30

    I do not know what is the problem

    I am using tradestation 8.2 and Ib tws 859 api 9.2 and owndata 2.5

    thank you
  2. here is the chart
  3. 0008


    yes! the same here
  4. hektor


    I got this message from Buttontrader this morning. Seems that this bug also affects the backfill:

    "Dear ButtonTrader Users,

    we have to warn you about a bug IB has introduced into the back-end software on their servers.

    This bug might make trading via ButtonTrader impossible for you. This will be the case only when your account has been updated to use the faulty back-end software.

    Until now a few clients only have been affected.

    The buggy back-end software will no longer sent an execution-report to your client-software after you placed a trade. ButtonTrader will then display - after 30 seconds - an unmanaged position in the ButtonGrid.

    When you see this happen, please do not use ButtonTrader to manage your positions and to trade, instead use TWS itself. And please report this immediately to us - via support@buttontrader.com. We will then inform IB and ask them to correct your account with highest priority.

    IB is aware of the bug and will start to rollout a corrected version of their Server-software today but this process might take some days to complete.

    This bug is also corrected in TWS version 877, which will be released soon. We can help clients, who have the problem, with a pre-release of 877, so they can continue to trade.

    Hope we have informed you well.

    Robert Schotman"
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    We are investigating the gap in HSI data.