IB backfill is terrible!

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  1. What is the deal with IB backfill? Normally I use another feed, but the last couple of days I have been using IB for backfill and it is terrible. Even after hours of trying, the data doesn't come in. Anybody know how to fix this?
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    Pace Violation problem?
  3. Call support or chat online. They will act like it's the first time anyone has complained about it.

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  4. One thing Ive noticed with IB on the BOBL is that if you leave the charting going and then close the chart and then reopen it all the price bars have changed! Meaning that the only way to get accurate charting from them is to leave the charts running all day. Meaning that they are useless when it comes to accuracy.
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    that's because ib's streaming data are not time stamped.
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    you should use IB as broker, look for a good charting package... i use Ensign with IB feed, and for backfill i can use DTN...
    everyone knows about pproblems with backfill on IB...
    look for solution and go ahead
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    dead on. you forgot that they'll blame YOUR computer, connection or imply that you're not too bright.

    i get this treatment and they get 15,000/month comm.fees out of me. i wonder how they treat a less active acct (shudder).

    worse, mgmt/everyone at ib knows their reputation and me thinks they like it.

    anyone else think the dickhead in the new ib commercials is one of their traders?
  8. i use them as a source of quotes on QT.

    "There are problems on IB servers with backfill, globex in particular" says jerry medved


    :D john
  9. QT is dynamite! The best bang for the chart buck bar-none, unless you need to backtest.

    I see IB as a gorgeous, stuck-up blonde with perfect tits and ass, who teases, sticks her ass back and blows kisses, but never really puts out the experience that she advertises, and who disses all that try to talk to her.
  10. Good combo is IB as broker and PROREALTIME for charting.

    web : prorealtime.com
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