IB backfill is next to useless. Takes 45 seconds+ to fill a simple 1 stock request.

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  1. Something is wrong here. Ameritrade responds in seconds, IB taking forever.

    Seems they have backfill as a very low priority.
  2. It's getting worse and worse. The market's been open for an hr now, I'm still waiting for all my backfills to complete. And I'm only asking for 15 stocks.
  3. When are people going to learn that IB is only a tool for underfunded investors. Professional traders use professional tools.
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    if you understand how IB's quote system works, and learn to operate under its functions, you will have no problem.

    this holds true for eSignal, or any other datafeed as well. eSignal is not without its shortcomings. e.g. IB aggregates its quotes while eSignal does not. In a fast market (that's when you need the quote the most), IB will outshine eSignal by 10~20 seconds.
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    quote from IB

    "We allow 60 backfill requests within a 5 minute period. In the past, once you exceeded that limit we queued up additional request but delayed data to maintain a ratio of 60 per 5 minute period. Keeping the additional request in a queue and delayed, caused stress on our system. Request that exceed the limit will now be rejected."
  6. Tums , you need to read carefully, you are being tested.

    I said one backfill on one symbol.
  7. I have done extensive work with IB's fed, eSignal's feed, Tradestation's feed, CQG's feed and DTN's feed and let me clarify, of these five, IMHO, IB's and DTN are on the bottom of that list when it comes to signal consistency when monitoring multiple markets and technical support.

    I know eSignal has it's quirks occasionally but IB's problems are daily when it comes to watching multiple markets. The best is CQG but IHO it is overpriced for what it provides. I monitor 10 different markets and a total of about 45 separate contract months each day. I applied this environment to IB and it committed suicide.
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    So what broker/tools do you use, assuming you aren't an "underfunded investor"?
  9. I have NOT observed a problem with quotes. I think the good Professor would need to provide more evidence than the colorful 'suicide"
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    yes, you chose one symbol, but the software has to make MANY requests to IB to fetch the data for you.

    I am not defending IB, but the time it takes to fetch the data depends on many factors: e.g.
    -- the resolution you are requesting -- tick? minute? day?
    -- how much back fill? an hour's tick? or one month's minute chart?

    I have been using IB for a while now. I have never had problem with their datafeed. The problem I encountered were either caused by the software, or the internet connection. I would check the software and see if it is updated, because IB made many changes to its datafeed, and some software are not smart enough to handle the changes.
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