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    With my success of having the gilt future added to IB within 24 hours of asking IB management, I am going to ask them to provide a backfill database of time series information for futures contracts. Then programs like quotetracker, sierra chart and neoticker which support the IB datafeed would be able to get historic information. Please email ibmgmt@interactivebrokers.com and request this.
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    Completely support, very important feature.
  3. I do not believe that IB will support backfill since they do not charge anything for the feed.

    Do you think that IB will take a project of building a huge data warehouse to host and serve backfills of all equities and commodities of all their supported markets with no added value to them? I don't think!
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    I have suggested they do it for futures only as reliable european futures data is not easy to find. I do not expect to get this service for free. It will bring more traders and more commission to IB if they do backfill as there datafeed is superior.
    Tradestation has become a broker and offers historic data, cybertrader offers historic data, realtick brokers offer historic data, mytrack offers historic data so it has been done by other brokerages.
  5. on giving us high / low ranges for european futures on

    our TWS screens ....

    one thing at a time please :)
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    From Ib management,

    I appreciate your suggestions. You are not alone in requesting price charting. We have already started the process to provide this service. It is too early to provide any details. Please stay up-to-date with IB's features in our regular IB Communiqué.
  7. this would be outstanding functionality from them. i'm all for it.

  8. fantastic...IB rules.
  9. That would really help!

    -FastTrader :cool:
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    I'm all for it, as long they don't mix and match their historical and live servers!
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