IB Backfill -- Do you want it for tick charts too?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by kiwi_trader, Jun 1, 2005.

Is tick chart support important in IBs new backfill?

  1. Absolutely. I use tick charts all the time.

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  2. Helpful. I would value it.

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  3. I don't really care about tick data backfill

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  4. Whats backfill? Whats an IB? Isn't a tick something the dog gets?

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  1. IB need to do quite a bit of software work to include the transaction numbers in their backfill. They would like an indication of how many traders think it is important.

    Personally half of my charts (i use 2 to decide on a trade) are tick, the other time, so backfill is nearly useless to me without tick data.
  2. mokwit


    Presumably tick data is required for 'number of trades' to be recorded? Something to bear in mind even if you don't use tick charts (I do)
  3. A clarification from IB:

    "Full tick-by-tick data is not what we are discussing. The question was the inclusion of the number trades in the bars (I think)."

    to which I agreed ... we are limited to the bucket size of the minimum time period being backfilled. What I need is transaction information so that tick charts based on backfill are "approximately" right.
  4. There is a more complete discussion of options in the other thread.
  5. DblArrow


    I most certainly agree - I also do half and half and not having the ticks fill properly really screws things up for quite a bit.

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
  6. Thanks.
  7. Tick backfill would be nice. Having the backfill with proper volume
    would be great too for volume charts...
  8. I want my ticks too. Please...
  9. ABSOLUTELY NOT... NO WAY.... I use IB because they are the fastest execution system i have ever used... i do not want to mess up a good platform with fancy extras.
  10. mokwit


    Larry you have a point, but as someone has said maybe the data could be on a different server.
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