IB Autostop tool for NQ/ES (Emini Trade Management)

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  1. pretzel


    hi , profitseer

    I have a simpler version at my website, and also the the slimplest "original" version. Each trader has his own need, for me, I still use the "Single Exit" version. So, the latest veresion is already beyond what I need for my own use.

    I was busy doing the code this week, you can see how the program evolved form its original state the the present state in just one week. Maybe I should take a time out to check out the other programs.

    The more choices the better.

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  2. Pretzel, I haven't tried your software yet, but after looking through your website, I'm impressed with your attention to detail. Thanks for the use of your software and keep up the good work.
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  3. Hi,

    I am new to these "autostop" API apps. Do they have the capabilty of executing "simulated stops" (watching the bid/ask then entering a makrket order when hit).

    SInce IB doesn't take stop after 4pm I sure would find such a feature very useful.

    If so which one/ones
    If not , why not?

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  4. zen, Yep, I think they all do. But keep in mind, that after hours stop is only as good as your connection. In reality, the stop is residing on your computer. And your computer is running a program which is connected to IB. So, you have at least three things there that can fail and make for a very happy morning. (That is, if one fails, you don't get stopped out, and the market turns back in your favor.)
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  5. Thanks Profitseer,

    Yeah....makes a lot of thing to trust.

    If I may ask why is Traderguard so much more expensive than the others. Is it THAT good?

    Thanks again
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  6. No, I didn't think so. Mainly because you can't minimize the screen and the screen has cut off an inch off the right side. To tell you the truth, I am gonna worry about my trade anyway, so I just set up the hot keys to where I can darn near trail a stop better than any brainy computer. I am only working on the demo, not real money.
    Once you set up a hot key for buy stop and transmit, then all you have to do is set up one for price down, and if you get all the columns set up right, your stop price will be directly underneath the last price (which is what IB stops key off) and you can adjust it as tight as you want.
    But I don't want to bad mouth traderguard, I like to see people creating, and if I liked it I would gladly pay the price.
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  7. FYI. BracketTrader doesn't support simulated stop yet (and I don't know if it will support them)...
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  8. if you want simulated stop (stop trigger based on bid/ask price instead of last price which is what a stop order submitted to IB uses), then try out my autotrader program.

    the simulated stop protects your entire position at all times, even on partial fills. for example if you ordered 3 contracts ES and only got filled on 1 and the market moved against you, if you specified a stop of 2 pts, autotrader will cancel the original order and then close out the 1 contract when the 2 pt stop is hit.

    check it out at http://sling.to/autotrader

    it is a free program.

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  9. Thanks Autotrader,

    Just wne t to your site.

    Very neat interface.

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  10. m_c_a98


    Here is a clarification for anybody using my E-Mini Trade Management program.

    *It's alright to go ahead and exit the trade through TWS. This will not affect anything in the program. The "exit price" caption just will just be blank instead of showing your exit price.

    *Breakeven will send a breakeven stop to TWS(IB does not send these to Globex, however) and this breakeven stop will not have any affect on the autostop or autotarget calculation within the program.

    I understand the reasons for requests such as limit order entries(you can buy the bid/sell offer currently), scaling out, etc. My intention is for the program to be as fast and easy to use as possible for the active daytrader(specifically me:))

    So, I'm still weighing the need for any other features. Remember that no software can make you a good trader.
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