IB Autostop tool for NQ/ES (Emini Trade Management)

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    Ok fellow traders, I'm making available a scaled down version of my trailing stop trading interface for Interactive Brokers.

    It only supports ES and NQ futures contracts. Feel free to download it if you think it may help you in your trading.

    its in a .zip file and contains instructions that you should read first.

    Please send me any comments, complaints or suggestions you may have, I would love to hear from fellow traders. I can be reached at m_c_a98@yahoo.com.

    Good Trading.
  2. Please can you remove the limitation of 2 letters for the future symbols so we can use your program for whatever symbols we want, thanks.

    And also for the number of contracts can you increase the limit to 20 ?
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    Done. Just redownload the .Zip file.

    Remember I only made this for ES and NQ on Globex. So some displays may not be correct for other contracts on other exchanges. Test on the demo.
  4. This looks very familiar to a product out know called traderguard
    which has the same features but I think they charge you 150.00 for its services. So thank you for this free system, and do you see a way to adapt to Pats system?

    Once again thank you,

    the good is the enemy of the better
  5. Can we also have a emergency stop that is send and active (at the price we want) and cancel when target or stop is activated ? Just to make sure we have a Globex stop if IB went down...
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    Of course it can be done, but I'm a trader not a full time programmer.
  7. m_c_a98


    I added an Open P/L box so you can easily see if you are up or down in the trade.

    You need to redownload the ZIP file.

    I may or may not make available a better version that has what you just asked for. I just don't know at the moment if I'm going to put a lot more effort in this project. Stay tuned...
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    Nice work m_c_a98. Just a tip for anyone trying it out on the web demo. I was trying it out with the TWS demo on a pc that didn't have the standalone TWS installed. I kept getting a "can't find TWS.ocx" message (or something like that). When I used it on my main pc with TWS installed, it worked fine, even with the demo. So if you have that problem, just install TWS before running the demo.
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    You bring up an interesting topic that I've been interested in for sometime. That is having IB place a stop on the globex systems instead of having them resting on the IB computers waiting to be elected. I have done some research in to this myself and have come to the conclusion that it does not work at least not the way I had wanted.

    I know IB had recently added "globex stops", but that is not really what they are. The only thing they did from what I can tell is let us have "limit orders" on globex. Any type of orders that are stop related are still sitting on IB's computers. At least that is what I have gathered thus far.

    I'm going to start another thread on just this topic so as not to take this thread away from its original intent.

    The new thread on this topic can be found here:

  10. Thanks for making your efforts available.

    Just wondering if we place orders via TWS (limit orders for example) will your software recognize the trade and implement the stop order?

    Thanks again
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