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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TickJob, Nov 19, 2005.

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    I visited Interactivebrokers website, there are many 3rd party sw tools, may I know which offer the best automatic trading sw? Which are the better companies can implement our own system?
  2. TradeStation 2000i (Omega Research) with HyperServer Lite and HyperOrder / HyperOrder Client (www.hypertrader.it)
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    I prefer someone who can write a standalone program for my simple system.
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    But the problem is I have no idea which one to choose from.
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    can't help you there but many provide links to their web sites or email address. it's as good as any place to start.
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    Do you have experience with all that? One big problem with TS2k is that some of the data software will provide on demand data into charts but the radarscreen can only be fed by the global server. I have used dynaorder and wondered about hypertrader recently because dynaorder is not supported and it is only a matter of time until a version change in IB's tws breaks it permanently.

    I want to set up TS2k with DTN satellite and hypertrader basically.
  8. Hello, I currently use the programs I previously mentioned. Except for TS2000i, they're available as free versions. HyperServer takes IB data and puts them to TS' Global Server, so you can use all TS features. You can create charts, apply strategies, pull up radar screens. Then, Hyper Order with Hyper Order Client for TS2000i takes signals from TS' Tracking center and sends orders to IB.

    Indeed, recent TWS version changes required version changes for the free software, too, but HyperTrader provided them rather timely (very good service for free software!).

    I can recommend this combination, since it's very cost efective and reliable. I've tried other pay-software which didn't work half as good on my system (tradebolt, tradebullet; while the latter is very good for collective2!).