IB ask prices messed up?????

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by huh, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. huh


    Anybody else getting bogus ask prices on the RUT spreads for Jan. I've gotten screwed on some orders because IB is displaying incorrect ask prices in TWS....anybody else having this problem????? Of course now I'm stuck on hold on their chat help for the past 30 minutes while I'm watching my bank account plummet....dammit!
  2. jjk2


    surely you must be using the demo....than yes those prices are randomly generated lol.
  3. Tragic irony, how embarrassing.
  4. jjk2


    i am using the demo and the prices are random.

    the papertrading one do not.

    am i wrong ?
  5. huh


    Actually what I was referring to was not on the demo version but the actual version of TWS for live trading. Problem occurred a few days ago when IB had a major system wide crash. I've never used the demo version...
  6. I've recently witnessed the ask prices incorrect, actually lower than the bid prices
  7. Bid-Ask wrong this very minute for GIS...

    and my WPO limit sell order does not get reflected on the bid-ask, even if the execution is already green.
  8. Div_Arb


    I'm on it now, and the whole thing is squirrely - I am having problems getting option and index prices, but regular stock quotes from SMART seem to have no problems. Also, my account info seems to come and go at will. I was having same problems yesterday.
  9. huh


    oh joy TWS spewing out garbage quotes again. Looks like the b/a is flipped on some indexes but it normal on some strikes for the same index. It's hard enough trying to out trade professionals but I guess now there's a new challenge of trading blind not knowing which bids are real and which are fake!
  10. Problem with GIS quote now fixed.
    #10     Jan 8, 2008