IB ARCA fee in effect or not??

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rcj, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. rcj


    With NYSE suspending the ARCA book fee, what's going to happen to the 10$ fee IB charges to see the ARCA levels?

    ... rj
  2. rcj


  3. why don't you sent the reps a message and get back to us !

  4. Crowbar


    IB, Where are ya ??? What's going to happen with the the ARCA quote levels in DOM?? Crowbar needs em for hisself. Lemme see em now!!
  5. whats going on with this??????????????????/
  6. sprstpd


    All I know is I got charged.
  7. JDConner


    I got charged
  8. Bob111


    me too. if i understand it correctly, ARCA quotes should be free and available on all accounts, no matter, if you are subscribe to arca or not? But on one of my accounts, which is not on arca subscription i did not getting any arca quotes. the book is available for free in arca website, why IB keep charging us and did not provide arca data for accounts not subscribed to arca book?
    man..i'm overwhelmed with all issues lately. no more odd orders,btrade routing. IB,enough already..
  9. Whats issue with odd orders? Was there a recent change?
  10. Bob111


    all odd orders to nyse-rejected,all odd orders for nasdaq stocks routed as smart -to btrade.
    #10     Dec 5, 2006