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  1. Hello,

    As API8 is bringing a lot of interesting new features, I decided to install it. As you may know, installing a new API generally means problems with software, in particular for those using TWS.OCX (the Visual Basic ones) as the one using direct socket programming are in general ok.

    So here is what works with API8 :
    - IBData 1.5
    - Dynastore LE 2004-05-05
    - IBCharts 1.7
    - Autotrader 1.25a
    - Bracket Trader 04.0316.04a (initially 04.0316.04 didn't work)
    - Future Trader 2.61c if you install the FT API8 update
    - ZerolineTrader

    What doesn't work :
    - Ninjatrader 3.027 : he uses \JTS\TWS.OCX : support of API8 in NT 4.0 (so not planned for a long time!)... In the mean time he doesn't plan to pack TWS.OCX in the software package and refer to it instead of JTS one in order to be independant of API version.

    Feel free to add software that don't work to this initial list!
  2. amtrak


    I've been a past user, current user or potential user of all but one of the products you tested and reported on.

    Thanks for the useful info --
    it'll help me avoid software "gotchas" in the near future.
  3. mark1

    mark1 Guest

    Thanks , much appreciated!
  4. BKuerbs


    May I add a program, which works with the new API? It is ButtonTrader (current version It does not use the API, but direct socket communication instead. So generally there are much less problems with new API versions (if any at all).


    Bernd Kuerbs
  5. alanm


    BKuerbs: Did you mean it does not use the OCX, or are you actually simulating the TWS client and talking directly to IB servers instead of talking to the client through the socket API interface? I thought the OCX was simply a wrapper/gateway of sorts for the lower-level socket interface.
  6. BKuerbs


    From what I know: ButtonTrader does not use the API-DLL (ocx), but instead communicates directly via the API-socket (to TWS).

    It could completely skip the TWS and talk straight to the IB-Servers (via the FIX-protocol), but that is tied to some conditions. You have to generate more than 2400 USD in commissions and use a fixed line, which will add about 1200 - 1500 USD to your costs. Though these conditions are subject to change.

    The communication via FIX protocol will be used to connect to other FIX-brokers (in future versions).

    I'm neither the programmer nor vendor of ButtonTrader, just one of the first users.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  7. QuoteTracker also works with all releases:

    As for ButtonTrader - it uses same communication type as QuoteTracker so I can comment on it - basically, IB's API is TCP/IP communication between the client application and TWS. That seems to be too complex for some people :). So, IB created the OCX control that basically implements the needed TCP/IP communication. The programmer can just drop the control in and call various functions. The downside of using that is that as the API evolves, the TCP/IP protocol is backward/forward compatible. The OCX control is not.
  8. can one of you please describe me whats going on?

    i am one of the stupid guys hwo do not have the slightest idea of programming TCP/IP connections but wrote a few simple programs to assist my trading. I use VB6 and use the simple version of drag and drop the tws.ocx to my form.

    So i have downloaded the new API 8 beta. Yes there are a few problems but it seems to me that I only have to change some parameters in the tws1.placeorder statement for example and then i can still use the simple version of lets call it drag and drop programming.

    Or am I wrong?
  9. alanm


    BKuerbs: That was my understanding - just making sure I hadn't missed something.

    BTW, I've been told that the minimum commission level will not be required for the internet-based FIX connections that will become available in the future.