IB API with MultiCharts errors.

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by redbaron1981, May 9, 2020.

  1. I am a new user to MultiCharts and have only recently set up my workstation. At present, I have setup Oanda and IB as data sources. Oandas data source is seamless with zero errors thus far.

    IB, on the other hand, is fast turning into a nightmare. I am looking to run strategies across a few ETF's and futures but it is impossible for me to get any daily bar data, however realtime is working fine. On my QuoteManager, Event log I get lots of errors usually relating to not being subscribed or no market data permissions. See the attached screenshots for examples.

    Any advice would be warmly appreciated!

  2. So IB is barking that you have no market data subscription for AMEX and ECBOT? Even though you show your subscription overview, which includes those?
  3. Yes that's correct.
  4. I'm purely guessing but I notice in your screen shots that you ran these tests on Saturday. IB regularly uses the weekend for maintenance. During those periods is it possible that you receive weird error messages. Have you also received these error messages on weekdays?