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  1. I'm willing to pay to have an API coding of a strategy that can be applied to the currency, futures or equity markets. I use interactive brokers; however, I guess it can be applicable to any platform.

    In a nutshell, it's a semi-martingale "stop & reverse" strategy. I would want to enter the following variables: quantity size on each sequence/trade; the number of stop & reverse sequences/trades before the program shuts down and starts over; the number of points or pips for the stop loss and take profit for each sequence/trade; an overall net profit target that is triggered after a set number of sequences/trades against me.

    Hopefully, this makes sense... Again, I'm willing to compensate you for your skills...


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  3. Thanks for the referral Craig... although I'm still willing to pay someone to set the program for me, as long as the cost is reasonable...

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    what do you consider reasonable?
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    Regarding "reasonable cost", my guess is you're looking at at least 10k to 20k for a basic custom implementation.

    If you can use AmiBroker, eSignal or equivalent, it should be significantly cheaper
  6. I would expect reasonable to be somewhere between $500 - $1,000. I've receied two quotes in that range.

    Also, I dont' think e-signal would help my cause, as I wish to automate a semi-martingale stop & reverse in the forex, equity, and futures markets.

  7. I guess that I can sign-up for Tradestation, as they have "easy language" for automated trading. However, I would prefer to trade with Interactive Brokers.

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    InvestorRT interfaces directly with IB via AutoTrader. Backtest and trade from the RT platform.


    You can also post questions to their board on Yahoo if you want to find someone to consult with you.

  9. Thanks lindq, but it does not seem that linnsoft provides automated strategy trading...

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    that's would be under 2 days timeframe. i would be curious to see the code produced.
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