IB API problem: Cannot subscribe to K200 data in TWSDDE excel file

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by joesan, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. joesan


    Hi, I am using the example TwsDde.xls file coming along with the IB API
    9.51 installation to get market data of some Asian futures symbols.

    It works fine with HSI, SGXNK, STW, but it can not get realtime market
    data of K200, the korean stock index futures, I set up the symbol as

    symbol: K200
    class: FUT
    expiry: 200903
    exchange: KSE
    currency : KRW

    but I cannot get the data. Does someone know the reason ?

    Is this a bug ? Thanks for any help
  2. joesan


    I checked the error message on the top right place of the same page (ticker page) of the TWSDDE file, for my request of K200 market data, there is an error message "Invalid destination exchange specified"

    But K200 is listed at KSE, there should be no mistake about that . Why does that error message appear ?
  3. That's exactly what I use with Java API and it works.

    Just a guess, but you haven't got leading or trailing whitespace (eg spaces, tabs etc) around the "KSE" ?

    You have subscribed to KSE in acct mgt ?
  4. joesan


    Thanks, Dcraig.

    I rechecked and the imput of the symbol is correct. And I have subscribed to KSE in acct mgt, because I can show this symbol in TWS interface and place orders.

    Maybe it is a TWSDDE-file-only bug.
  5. joesan


    Have an update on the issue: Recently got a reply from IB that they will fix this bug in the next release of API.
  6. So is the update out yet? or do we have to wait?