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    Neither QT nor SC are getting data for msft and intc.
    Im using latest Java and TWS with XP.
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    Quote Tracker and Sierra Chart not picking
    up msft/intc data stream from IB.

    TWS is getting the data.

    TWS = 889.4
    Java =

    Any one else with this problem?
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  4. I had trouble placing orders in those tickers via excel Dee api this am. All other tickers fine.
    Haven't heard back from support yet
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    ok, thnx.

    Yeah i saw your post earlier.
    Im not at my symbol limit and im getting other symbols from
    IB thru QT and SC. So... i dont think its on my PC.

    Im a bit surprised no one else has the issue. We'll see.
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    IB reps ....where are ya....any info on this problem...

    You must specify the
    Primary Exchange: "Nasdaq"
    and the Multiplier: "1"

    Please don't bash IB when it is your fault. Review your API error messages !
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    Hey buddy....

    READ what I said before you shoot your mouth off.

    And...I dont "bash" IB ...

    Really dont like the Drive-By bullshit.
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  10. I spoke to IB about this earlier. I've found it is affecting INTC, MSFT and CSCO.

    There is a way round it : use a Primary Exchange (ie. Island) as well as an exchange (SMART) when requesting the Stock ID. If you're not sure how to do that, the sample DDE spreadsheet shows you. I've found the same problem with sending orders in these stocks, and it can resolved in the same way if you really need to trade them through the API.

    Obviously this is a bit weird. I've never needed to use a Primary Exchange when requesting stock data before - and presumably it means you're only getting data from that exchange. Plus it's only affecting these 3 stocks as far as I can tell.

    The guy I spoke to at IB in Europe was able to replicate the problem and promised to confer with the API bods in the US. I said I'd give him a call back tomorrow morning if it still isn't fixed.
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