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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Kenpoker, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Kenpoker


    Hi everybody,

    I am a new programmer with the IB api.
    and i have some difculties with reqMktDept()

    This function call
    updateMktDepth(). But there isnt the Market Maker here.

    I would like to call

    Someone could explain me how marketDepth work with the IB API and how get the market maker for L2 ???

    m_contract.m_symbol = "SPY";
    m_contract.m_secType ="STK";
    m_contract.m_exchange ="SMART";
  2. Kenpoker


    I look around and maybe this not the good place for my post.

    Any of you know a forum where i could ask some programming question about IB API or JsystemTrader ??

    And if someone know the answer and wanna ask me Im ok ^^
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  4. Kenpoker


    OK thanks, im gonna have a look there.
  5. if you are trading stocks... I recommend looking for another brokerage before you go to IB. they charge you .013 / share if you route directly to a specific exchange rather than using SMART.
  6. Kenpoker



    In fact i want to trade stock on specific ECN,

    and i m looking for a broker with a java Api
    in order to program an automated trading.

    Do you know some other broker ?