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    I have a weird problem with excel tonight. I wrote a macro on a new spreadsheet last WE and contrary to my former spreadsheets, the API create data links( tik ) only if the id is 1,10,100,1000,10000.... It doesn't work for all other id numbers.

    I have been watching options and cells format but can't find what is different from my former spreadsheets. The id is in a cell formula like : "=myname|tik!id8?bid"

    I was just hoping someone got this problem before cause i don't see where the problem is.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. what version of excel are you using and how are your macro/security settings? Do you run antivirus?

    Do you have a list of the IDs and what they mean? (on the IB website)?

    Seems like you have an extra paramater in there - the first part in the DDE/RDP link is ="some executable program"

    DDE/RDP links are all the same, =BDP(TICKER,BID), =TOS|BID!TICKER, etc.

    What is "=myname|tik!id8?bid"? Where is the ticker? What is the executable? Shouldn't it be =TIK|then something?

    remember these are written for excel not the other way around so every firm's RDP links are all geared to excel.

    Also - Excel 2007 handles RDP/DDE links much better than 2003.
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    Thanks Winston,

    The problem has been resolved. Excel was treating the number after the id as a string and only ids corresponding to string numbers( 1, 10 which means 2, 100 which means 3) worked. It was a mess to get it back to normal through cells formatting and paste special. I don't even know which manip got it back...LOL

    The piece of code I copied was just to show an example. It's the command to display the bid of an instrument you already requested datas in an other cell.