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    error Code: 420 | Invalid Real-Time Query in reqRealTimeBarsEx (AEX +CAC)

    I'm using the VB.net sample program (using TWS ActiveX control) to test some code.

    When I use Symbol GOOG, everthing is working (Req Mkt Data / Hist.Data / RTbars) I'm using SMART as Exchange.

    When I use a Dutch (AEX) Symbol or France (CAC) I get an error?

    So I use :

    Symbol=ING / Exchange=AEB / Currency=EUR

    The req. Mkt Data and Hist. Data are working, BUT the RTbars give me the following error :

    id: 29622819|Error Code: 420|Error Msg: Invalid Real-time Query.

    Anybody an idea ??

    Kind regards,