IB API disables TWS UI?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by kubilai, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. kubilai


    Is anyone else seeing this? Just started today for me.

    As soon as an API connection is made to IB TWS, the TWS UI becomes disabled and unresponsive to keyboard/mouse input. I find this "feature" rather annoying because it's nice to be able to execute discretionary trades along with the automated trades. Why is this necessary? Right now, after the API connection is made, you can't even close the TWS window without going into task manager.
  2. xyannix


    I am having the same problem, i was using quote tracker and everytime quote tracker started getting quotes my UI was frozen.

    I emailed quotetracker thinking it was their problem.

    That was after reinstalling TWS, JAVA, & Quote tracker :)
  3. lwlee


    Happening here as well. I came to forum to see if anyone else had the same problem.
  4. kubilai


    It must be IB then, I'm using TWS API with my own custom software. Strange they'd activate such a "feature" remotely, maybe it's a bug. Thanks for confirming this...I thought I was going crazy, and just stopped short of reinstalling the OS :-/
  5. u130747


    I have the same problem. No answer yet!
  6. Same here - can't trade until its fixed...
  7. IB website won't even pull up for me.
  8. Has anyone told customer support yet?
  9. xyannix


    I am on IB chat and the rep said he is going to talk with the programmers......

    Guys, the only way we can get problems fixed at IB is when we all call or go to customer service chat. Otherwise they think it is isolated and not important
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