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  1. psytek


    I am hitting a brick wall trying to get Child orders transmitted and executed on the TWS.

    Is anybody successfully using API-placed Brackets of the description below?

    My Parent order is a LMT and fills without a problem. The attached Child-Group contains four orders: 2 GTD/GAT STPs, a MKT (GTD) and a LMT order. Sometimes the LMT and MKT is activated but the others orders are not submitted because the "Parent order is being cancelled" - note however that the parent filled properly. The "Parent order is being cancelled" error doesn't apply consistently to all orders in the OCA group.

    Knowing it works for you, or getting some pointer to related information would be much appreciated! The IB Forums didn't give much info and IB tech support is slow.

    Seasons Greetings,