IB API and Simulation?

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  1. Hi. DOes IB offer a simulation mode, when using their API?
    If so, anyone using it? And where are resources to find out.....
  2. Bob111


    what do you mean by simulation mode?
  3. Ninja


    They offer a demo account and you can use it through the API.
  4. Bob111


    exactly or if you want to test it in real life-just do not call
    placeOrder() method and store your simulated "trades" in some text file or something.
  5. What I mean is just to send "fake" trades to some server.
    The text file idea makes sense, but, I dont want to take the risk of executing anything as I test. I am told that there is a login called "demo" that I can use. Anyone know the password?
  6. Bob111



    go to ->systems->demo for latest browser version
    you dont need password for it,it there already.

    click on Configure tab,->API-Socket post-make sure Enable ActiveX and DDE is checked

    you not going to execute anything, unless you call method that i mentioned above for placing order.

    Def! where are you! doing your job here)))))))))))))
  7. user: edemo
    pass: demouser

    be warned, the demo server does not truly represent 15 minute delayed data. A lot of data is missing, and orders don't always get executed, especially stop orders.
  8. This is just what I need. Thanks to all.
  9. Ninja


    Exactly. I wouldn't use the demo account to test a trading strategy. However its fine for testing the order syntax, how your SW reacts when orders are filled, error messages are received, etc. during development.
    If you have done this part then you can test a trading strategy by using your real account and just not calling the PlaceOrder method, but e.g. save the order in a file on your HD. This way you can create a simulation mode within your SW.
  10. Thanks for the words of concern. I plan to use their demo to make sure my buys get sent as buys, sells as sells.
    (Would hate to find this out when system starts!).
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