IB: anyone else lose asian data 3x tonight during HK afternoon session (HK server)?

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    anyone else have issues tonight with TWS going down starting right about 3am EDT? i'm on the HK server farm.

    and here i was having an ok night for a change- up 1750 and BOOM, negative in a heartbeat. i'm confident IB's issue was related to the fast market; as it happened as things started to tank. jesus, you'd think just one of these fucking things would go in my direction but, as has been my reality of late, whatever can go wrong has, does and will.

    typical pattern of late: DOM quits moving, no activity for any asian futures in TWS. then, after a minute or so, all asian quotes and data completely disappears from TWS. 30 seconds later, TWS goes pink and finally came back after several minutes.

    happened tonight around 3pm HK time and then again 2 more times in the next 20 or so minutes. when up, MANY 5 second lags between order entry and "acknowledge by exchange'.

    IB, as usual, says they had no problems- often not a reliable source for such info.

    to the IB defenders: OBVIOUSLY, this was not MY issue. i don't have a magic PC that takes down asian futures/stocks quotes only but keeps US, EUREX and currency data. whether they cop to it or not, this is on IB's end.
  2. It was fine in Aus. And I was chatting with a guy in NZ who was also getting ib data. Neither of us experienced any issues.

    US internet must be going the way of the economy maybe?
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    thanks for the data point kiwi- hope your trading is going better than mine....

    can't be my internet- kinda hard to parse out only asian data and have EX, EUREX, forex all up and fine. nope it's an IB issue. last time they were doing system maint. on servers during trading hours- amazing.

    btw, i'm in CA, so we're bankrupt to go along with everything else! but, hey, illegals have fine health care, housing and food stamps, so we've got that...
  4. Actually it isn't Go4.

    If you look at your internet connections you'll find you have a link to each IB server farm that you get data from - you log into your nominated host but still get data direct. It used to be that everything came through your chosen host but a while back they gave us direct access.

    So it could be that your ISP's gateway router, or the cable, or ... etc etc etc was down. But your link to Europe probably goes in the opposite direction (same as your link to NJ).
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    I am in Asia and wasn't having any data problems with Asian exchanges during the time period you mentioned.

    PS: I am not an IB defender.
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    Kiwi.. this is just for data right ?

    All orders still gets routed via our designated server right ?

  7. gangof4


    well, that is news to me. thanks for the info. odd that in all my calls to IB, nobody has ever told me that. in fact, we've spoken about this particular problem many times.

    thanks again. i will ask them whether a clue to whether it is, in fact, on my end, can be gleaned from the log (which they have).

    btw: i have redundancy but haven't gone the load balancing router, umm, route. i know you're very tech savvy, any input on whether they're a good solution for trader? (i know if the pacific cable is down all will be affected, but i doubt that is the case, as i get other data from asia that doesn't get interrupted over the same data source that my IB data is coming thru. in fact, that's also part of why i doubt it is my end. guess i should research this on teh internet to see if i can find a way to PROVE whether it is on end or theirs. as it is, i have to take IB's word for it- something experience has told me not to believe.
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    ditto this question.

    btw, i'd ask ib but, frankly, i trust Kiwi's answer over the one i'd get from IB!
  9. I don't recall whether the orders go direct or not. It was raised here when it originally occurred - IB might have announced it.

    I will ask elsewhere and post if I find out.

    Go4, be wary of assuming that because your browser can browse a HK site the connection is suitable for TWS. Because its real time its much fussier - they made it less fussy because of problems the guys in Thailand were having but I suspect its still a lot more demanding on time variations and packet delivery.

    My best guess would be something like pingplotter to look at packet drops on routers or changes in the internode delays --- back when I had an ISP with problems thats the sort of area that went when TWS got all pissy about connections.
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    thanks Kiwi. as always, i appreciate your help and input...
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