@ IB: any plans to add Indian index futures ?

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  1. I know of the Nifty futures traded on SGX, unfortunately, volume is much too low.

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  3. Do IB even support the Indian Rupee?

    There systems would first need to support the Rupee as i
    presume the indian market trade in the native currency.

    There would have to be alot more that needs to be sorted out too.
  4. I have a friend in India, and I'm pretty sure he told me that trading of the Nifty is only available for people of India. I'm not certain, will ask him again when I see him in chat.

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  5. I think there are a lot more urgent issues for the folks at IB to work on than a adding a 3rd world market.
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    Please, I'm not a daytrader, I'm an "Intraday Liquidity Provider" :p

  7. Thanks MK.
  8. But Indian markets definitely rock !:)
  9. Hans B

    Hans B

    India has 36 billionaires...second only to the U.S.
  10. This is stupid.
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