IB any plan to offer Taiwan stock index futures

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  2. What about the STW at SGX?

    It is a Taiwan index.

    Index STW
    Underlying: STW
    Security Type: IND
    Exchange: SGX
    Currency: USD
    Region Name: Asia
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    Yes, I know this STW and trade it sometimes. But it seems this symbol is not popular among local Taiwan people, which is a problem for me. I hope be able to trade the local one.

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    MSCI taiwan futures (the SIMAX Taiwan index contract ) is 340 points of value currently , with a minimum tick of 0.1 points. while TX futures contract ( the local stock index futures contract) is now 8500 points of value , with a minimum tick of 1 points, the later one has much lower trading cost for high/mid-frequency traders

    besides, about TX contract,

    1. They are exclusively traded electronically, and with a history of nearly 20 years since its launch
    2. Trading volume in both futures and options is very liquid.
    3. Provides outstanding and relatively direct China exposure.
    4. The Taiwan index has tradeable relationships w/ NQ, HSI, and Nikkei, not to mention volatility driven by domestic and cross-strait politics.
    5. It has a mini-contract, just like MHI to HSI, which will attract more participants

    I wonder why TX has not been on IB's agenda for a long time......

    About Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX)
    TAIFEX was ranked 18th globally in terms of trading volume and the TAIEX Options was the 4th most actively traded stock index options contract in the world in 2006, according to the FIA. TAIFEX currently offers 14 products, including futures and options on major Taiwan stock indices, government bond fu-tures, 30-day commercial paper interest rate futures, equity options and gold futures. To further expand the market, TAIFEX has actively taken measures to facilitate internationalization and to boost foreign participation. TAIFEX has also taken several market liberalization measures to attract foreign participa-tion. It now allows trading for non-hedging purposes by foreign investors, introduces omnibus accounts, and accepts the US dollar as margin deposits.

    The english page of the TX contract on TIFEX(Taiwan Futrues Exchange) website http://www.taifex.com.tw/eng/eng2/eng2_1.htm
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    lots of restrictions, speed is poor, taxes are high and access into the market isn't cheap. we're looking at it though and wouldn't rule out offering them at some point.