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  1. Does anyone use the Ubuntu operating and have TWS set-up? If yes, how did you configure it to work?

    I am using Windows but have a dual boot with Ubuntu 8.10. Thanks.
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    Yes, it works fine. However, I use Kubuntu. You can download the Unix version of TWS from the IB website.

    I still use windows on another computer for my charting software as I cannot get it to run on my Linux machine well. I have tried it through Wine but am not fully satisfied. I use Ensign for my charting software.

    In kind of a hurry, follow the directions via the IB website to install it on a linux machine; If you still need help msg me.

  3. i am using TWS with ubuntu. You need to install java version 5 first. The security code window won't pop up for some reason with java version 6. And i use the login from the web.
  4. I use TWS on Ubuntu 8.10/Java 6 with no problems at all.
  5. Through synaptics I installed java run time environment 6. I downloaded TWS but when I click to install TWS it says no java is installed. Plus, when I try to install it through the web version I cannot figure out how to install the program it says to open.

    If anyone has step by step instructions I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. Click what to install TWS ?

    Make sure the jre is in your path.

    eg if the jre is in /usr/local/bin (probably isn't but for arguments sake)

    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin
    add this line to the end of the .bashrc file in your home directory.

    I generally install Java by hand so I can easily swap versions if I need to.

    I've tried a number of JVMs with TWS on Kubuntu and they all work.

    If you don't know where Java is installed, you can find it by:

    find / -name jre -print
    If you are running 64bit Linux of any sort, there is no 64 bit Java plug in for browsers. A couple of work arounds

    1. Run 32bit Firefox

    2. Use Konqueror which does not use the Java plug in - just the ordinary Java runtime JVM.

    To my knowledge there is no way of using Java webstart for 64 bit, but 32bit browser + 32 java webstart will work on 64 bit OS.
  7. Install these packages:

    sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin
    sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre
    sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin
  8. I installed the sudo packages but still receive the errs.or messages. I tried installing through wine and still no luck. Is there another way, maybe through virtualization? Thanks.
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    i have gotten webstart to work fine for me in 64 bit linux. granted at this point it is only for demo of tws but it shouldn't matter.

    i created a file called javaws and but it in /usr/local/bin/
    this is the contents of the file:

    #! /bin/sh


    i then made it executable

    then in firefox i find that file to open the.jnlp or whatever the java webstart file is

    that version of 64bit java 6 does have a webstart, so try to find the latest version on your distro and see if it has a javaws executable

    hope this helps.

    you can also just download the standalone and i'd assume it'd work as well
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    i have tws running on ubuntu without any problems. Its been several months so I dont remember exactly what I did, but the earlier posters seem to be on the right track. also search the web and you will find several sites with more info. i am sooooooooo happy to be rid of microsoft!!!
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