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    Has anyone with an IB account ever had a position in a stock that got halted, and couldn't trade it for several minutes after the halt because IB won't release it for trading on time? It hasn't happened to me yet, but I'm imagining owning a bunch of shares, and watching helplessly as it dives further and further down after it's released for trading.

    I still don't understand why IB will continue a self-imposed halt on a stock for several minutes after the Nasdaq lets it resume. Am I the only one to complain to them, and to get no reasonable response?
  2. you state that this has never happened to you yet.

    i dont understand what you are complaining about.

    can you provide a link?
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    Didn't know they did that. How do you know for sure that they do?
  4. Toonces


    I have never been caught holding a position, and having IB hold it after Nasdaq has released it for trading.

    A link to what?
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    TWS has a solid red bar highlighting the quote line when a stock is traded. That bar will disappear when IB releaes it for trading. Usually it takes several minutes after Nasdaq releases the stock for trading for it to disappear. If you attempt to trade that stock when Nasdaq has released it for trading (but still has a red bar highlighing it), you will get a message 'cannot trade a halted security'
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    No, that's not true, at least by my experience. I was holding Nasdaq position, GILD, halted during the day. IB released it as soon as NASDAQ resumes trading.

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    the process is automated, there shouldn't be any delays.
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    def, is there any reason they would have a particular account pegged for some reason so that stocks aren't released on time? I hate to sound paranoid, but I seem to be the only one with this problem. I have compalined about this several times to IB for 5 years, but they won't do anything about it.

    Next time a stock is halted, I will print the screen showing the time, with the stock highlighted in red after the halt is over.
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    if you do, also include in the shot the order being rejected. Ie. send an order below/above market and see if it gets accepted or pending.
  10. You may have seen an anomaly. I don't think they hold halts as a rule. Might have been an error.
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