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  1. does anyone know if it's possible to feed quotes from IB directly into Tradestation/Radarscreen. It looks like it may be possible with Metaserver RT DDE but I really don't know how to get it to work.

    thanks in advance to those who will respond
  2. Not positive, but I had a friend with better than average technical skills who could not get it to work.
  3. You could probably do a work around like that; but it seems like alot of work for ??? ...
  4. nitro


    Two possibilties:

    1) He doesn't want to pay for realtime datafeed.
    2) There is no way to get B/A in TS6 - there is in IB.

    Still, I concur...

  5. Nitro,

    That guru that used to be with Omega, Tennis, maybe; told me there was a way. I never followed up with him; forgot.

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    There is a way in 2000i, and I know that "trick," but AFAIK, there is no way to do it in TS6 :(

  7. I think I have 2000I lying around here, got to find it to figure out the version I have. Is 2000 the last distributed version? Send me the trick if you have time; it would be embarrassing calling him after 3 months.

    The other day you posted something about using Tradestation, I asked if you were crashing all the time, never seen your response. Every time I install it Global Server crashes every couple of hours; too many symbols.

    I have had that problem on 5 to 10 different machines, all state of the art hardware. Too much trouble to keep it running.
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    I must have missed that on that thread...sorry...

    ts2000i is the last version that uses the global server etc. I own the platinum version of that which includes OptionStation and RadarScreen. I would never use that version for anything - it is close to worthless for my needs, and reliability is not even all of it's problems.

    I did a trial recently of PCQuote and RadarScreen, on maybe 50 symbols, and RadarScreen could not keep up with displaying the simplest thing. (BTW, belive it or not, PCQuote is the "same" feed at Hyperfeed but over the Internet - I have used it to do other trials of programs that expect it's big brother Hyperfeed and it works exactly the same way!)

    HOWEVER, TS6 (renamed from Pro,) after making the changes pointed out by Kymar and others on ET, is about 99% rock solid for me, and I beat the living shit out of it. This version is the first TS version even worth looking at. There are still glaringly wrong things with it, but it's integration with a terrific datafeed (for my purposes not yours) really make it choice one of maybe three out there, the others being Wealth-Lab and Neoticker.

    I will dig up the trick and forward it to you.

  9. Nitro,

    Is TS6 the version they are marketing through their new broker or the last version that was sold through Omega?

    Isn't saying rock solid and Tradestation in the same sentence an oxymoron? Somewhere around here I should have every version back to System Writer; now if I could only find it ...

    When are you coming to paradise?

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