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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Magna, Sep 7, 2001.

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    I have 2 computers, one with NT and W98 dual-boot capability, one with W2K and W98 dual-boot capability. I d/l the latest Java from the Sun site (using the link at IB), and the latest standalone version 4.x of IB.

    On one machine IB randomly goes to the Blue Screen of Death on both W98 and NT, on the other machine it also BSOD's on W2K. As I said, it's random, no other program I run causes that on either machine, I'm sure it's related to the use of Java (must be all those Microsoft programs on my machines gently protesting...)

    Is this happening to anybody else, and does anyone have any suggestions. I'm trying to add IB to my arsenal along with my regular broker (Cyber) but these BSOD's are nasty stuff and I have a very low tolerance for instability.
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    Wish I could help you man. I've got two machines with WindowsME and two of my buddies are using Win2K. Solid as a rock on all of them.


  3. Are you using the same brand of network card in both machines. This may be your problem. I recommend trying different cards as some cards seem to be incompatible with certain java programs (my experience). I'd do this first before anything else, they're cheap and an easy fix.

    Pull your head out of the sand and read this message Magna. :D
  4. An incompatible NIC supposedly causes the BSOD. IB recommends using the 3Com 905B TX-NM network interface card.
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    Thanks anyway man, appreciate it...


    Good tip, I remember hearing something along those lines. I've got a couple of LinkSys NIC's and that may be causing the problem. Strange, because other than that those cards are stable connecting to the 'net (thru DSL), and networking the two computers together.

    If anyone has any other suggestions please post them here. Thanks.
  6. Magna,

    I have the same problem BSD when I used a Linksys card to connect to my Cable Modem. I swap the Linksys NIC with my other D-Link NIC, then they problem went away.
  7. Magna, I am pretty sure I'm having the exact same problem.. I was using IB over a dialup and had a second machine also connected on a local LAN. Recently I switched to a high-speed broadband connection, and now IB's TWS kicks the machine back to the BIOS boot screen shortly after entering my login info. The only difference is now it's connecting through the ether rather than dialup.. and it happens to have a linksys LNE100TX NIC. I have a new NIC coming in the mail, along with a new motherboard, cpu, etc. (time for an upgrade anyway, can't wait to try out a RAID array!) Anyway, if you really want that linksys card, you might try playing with the 'advanced' properties in the device manager and see if it makes a difference.. I think it's just a crappy card like everyone else here has said. The tipoff was when I went to their site to look for a new driver and it has 7 different versions of the card, each with different chips: http://www.linksys.com/download/default.asp
    Incidentally, I didn't bother opening the case to see which card I really have, so maybe I'm just using the wrong driver :)
  8. Hearing about all these problems with TWS and the Linksys card. No one seems to have a decent explanation for it. Like voodoo.

    I use a fairly old version of the 100TX in two boxes, W95, W2000, over DSL and have never had a moments problem with them in any app.

    Just lucky I guess.:D
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    well, I think the point and silver lining is this : IB TWS 4 with latest Java works perfectly on Win98, NT4 and NT5 aka Win2000.
    I even use multiple IB accounts at the same time for hours of course.

    The network card suspicion makes sense.
    I use realtek and 3Com without a glitch, the whole thing behind a linksys proxy firewall router.

    instead of tweaking your existing configuration, just get a new network card.

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    Picked up a couple of 3Com cards today, will replace the LinkSys' soon. Hopefully that will resolve the stability issues and prevent my buddy, the BSOD.

    Curious, has anyone with 2 (or more) computers tried logging onto the same IB account at the same time? That's a useful approach I use with Cyber for redundancy (i.e., if one computer or connection locks up I'm still in my account on the other computer). Don't know if IB allows multiple logons to the same account, I know RT3 doesn't.
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