IB and tax info - need without wash sales!!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by kgoodfl, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. kgoodfl


    Does anyone know how to get trade info without wash sales in excel format? I need to combine it with my other trading accounts.

    When I signed up they refused to let me see examples of what tax information they would provide. I was concerned about this exact problem. They have assured me repeatedly that I would have what I needed when the time came. The time is here and it does not look like there is any data without wash. :confused:
  2. rwk


    I didn't use IB's report last year, because I didn't like the way they reported wash sales. They list all wash sales, not just the ones that have to be deferred past yearend.

    Then I realized that it is quite unlikely that anybody will actually go through the report to understand the tax implications. The amount of tax sale loss we actually defer has almost nothing to do with IB's report. As far as I know, the IRS doesn't require us to document how we decide how much loss to defer (though I can do that if necessary). So I decided to go ahead and use IB's report from now on.