IB and T+3 Settlement

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  1. Hi, Is anyone aware of affect of T+3 settlement date on the IB accounts? Is the correct balance of the account not reflected until 3 days after the trade? Any help on this topic is appreciated.
  2. IB's daily account statements show both settled cash amounts as well as a projection of cash post settlement.
  3. I just see in the Balances
    1. Net Liquidation Value
    2. Equity with Loan Value and
    3. Cash

    It's broken into Total, Securities and Commodities. Do these incorporate the projection of cash post settlement?

    What is the difference between Net Liquidation Value and Equity with Loan Value ? They show as basically the same value, and the difference seems very different from the margin loan value.

    My Net Liquidation Value varys a lot more than my daily fluctuation that’s accounted for by the movement in the stocks or currencies that I’m holding. I can’t understand how this can be. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Go to the "Market Value" section in your "Account" window.

    To the right of the header line there will probably be a green "+" sign. Clicking on it will expand the "Market Value" listing and you will most likely see that there are some positions left from your currency trades.

    If so, these are the reasons for the unwanted and unexplicable flucutations.

    (Pretty bad user interface design by IB)
  5. I checked the "Market Value" and yes there are positions left from currency trades but they in no way account for the fluctuation in Net Liquidation Value. I can't see what else there could be apart from stock value change and currency change. There ought to be a logical explanation or way of tracking this.