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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by gk1998, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. gk1998


    I'm based in Switzerland and have been trading equity and index warrants for close to eight years. Has anybody any experience trading with IB in the Swiss (SWX, Virt-X) and German (Dax, EUWAX) markets ?

    Is it possible to trade all warrants that are listed on the SWX ? I went to the IB web page and there were only aobut 30 SWX warrants listed
    :confused: while more than 3000 are traded on the SWX.

    I also could not find any information about EUWAX. Is it possible to trade there using IB ?

    How fast is order execution in Europe, has anybody run into problems ?

    I also trade some exotic warrants (Knock-out and turbo warrants). I often get in and out of a position within minutes, so it is crucial that the system is reliable.

    Any input is higly appreciated :D

  2. Try posting on the IB bulletin board...sorry I know zippo about it. If you have an account with IB you might also open a ticket to ask...
  3. gk1998


    Thanks for the tip. I am actually thinking about opening an account with IB. :D