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  1. What is the deal with IB backfill? I open up TWS, I open up Sierra, and everything just hangs. Is providing backfill beyond IB's capacity? (and if anyone from IB reads this, please skip the "nobody else is complaining" excuse)

  2. i turned my backfill off cause it was nfg. i thought it was because of the latest tws ver.
  3. We allow 60 backfill requests within a 5 minute period. In the past, once you exceeded that limit we queued up additional request but delayed data to maintain a ratio of 60 per 5 minute period. Keeping the additional request in a queue and delayed, caused stress on our system. Request that exceed the limit will now be rejected.
  4. Well, I've been unable to get data for over an hour now. What do you suggest I do? Give up on the idea of trading today?
  5. Honda


    I tried to get backfill on 3. The ES, ER2 and the YM. Usually loads up pretty quick, today it took awhile.
  6. Please call TAC. We'll get you trading again.

    1 (877) 442-2757

    If they can't, ask for me.
  7. And how long am I supposed to hold?
  8. Well, so much for today's trading :(

  9. LC,

    Please call us back. The telephone number on your account is not valid.

    Your problem is your local PC clock is ten minutes fast compared to the TWS. You're requesting data that hasn't happened. Your error message is from Sierri Charts.

    Call me back and we'll fix the problem.

  10. After spending 20m on hold? No thanks.

    My PC clock is exactly the same as the clock on TWS. If you want to tell me how to fix the problem here, fine. But I'm not going to waste any more time discussing this issue with somebody who doesn't know what a volume bar is.
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