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  1. Bobby,

    My understanding is that the initial order that you create (the one that you right click to attach the other orders too) is called the parent order.

    All the orders are sent at one time until the parent order is filled the other orders are not sent out, I believe they reside on IB's servers until the parent is executed.

    This is what I gathered from reading the posts at IB's board.


    Bruce Hawkins
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  2. I've been over to IB's boards (not today) & didn't see an answer, but I'll take a look again. Thanks; hopefully def will chime in. :)
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  3. TGregg


    Hey, that's a good idea. Thanks H2O.
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  4. def

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    The stops and target orders are not submitted to the exchanges until your primary order is filled.
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  5. You're working late :) Thanks a lot.
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  6. Def, is it possible to tweak things so that after you cancel or transmit an order, that the highlighted cell goes back to the contract row instead of remaining on cell below?
    #36     Mar 20, 2003
  7. def... thank for everything..... i love bracket-trader...... i do hope that if the creator of bracket-trader stops updating the system that IB will continue to carry the ball... please pass the word along to the proper channels... THANKS AGAIN DEF!!!!!!
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