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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by HomeGrown, Feb 21, 2003.

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    Sorry, I'm one version ahead. If you try the current browser version, you'll have those choices. The upgrade to stand alone will take place after the browser version runs smoothly for a few days.
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    Not every one is a liquidity scalper and trades cheap stocks in large size. As an example, the person who started this thread referred to DAX market depth. Last I heard the DAX future trades on EUREX.
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    I doubt it as the NYSE and ECN's charge per share and I don't think we're interested in providing access at a loss or subsidizing larger size traders by charging a higher minimum.
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  4. I don't see this feature. What version is it on?

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  5. Andre


    how can you even consider scalping through a per share broker such as IB? If you scalp for pennies, that would be 1/2 of your total profit right there! Talk about cutting overhead...

    What I've been doing ammounts to scalping. I'm not doing any kind of scale yet, and may never. If I just pull out pennies, yeah, it sucks. Of course my goal is more than pennies, and my time frame is longer than what many intraday scalpers seem to do, or should I say, what scalpers used to be able to do.

    I'm kind of curious what time frames scalpers are doing now.

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    version 787 or above. Configure -> order -> delay to cleanup [filled|canceled]
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  7. Def,

    Here is my problem with using hotkeys (I'm still an IB newbee, so maybe I'm just missing something).

    When you place a buy limt bracket trade, two limts and a stop are created. The lower buy limit is for enty, the higher buy limit is exit and the sell stop below the market is for stopping loss.

    However, if the market never hits your entry limit, your sell stop is still in effect, correct? If so, then the order that was supossed to take you out of a position can actually put you into an open short one? This was obviously not intended.

    Again, I'm sorry if I'm missing something rather obvious, or if you've already addressed this elsewhere (but I have looked around quite a bit). Thanks a much.
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  8. Probably you are missing something.
    I use brackettrader and the bracket orders (stop and profit) will not be sent in the market until I have been filled on my limit entry.
    I guess same happens with TWS
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  9. \
    You can also cleanup via a hotkey if you don't like seeing lines removed automatically.
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  10. Is that response for me? Because it seems that setting a time or manually cleaning up trades is not the same as ensuring that a stop intended to close out an order does not open one. Again, maybe I'm missing something.
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