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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by hektor, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. hektor


    I found at my IB Market Data Subscriptions an Reuters News Feed for 2€/month which i clicked last week.

    Does somebody know how to get this news feed into the tws or how it is transmitted? I cant find an button to display them.

    Are this realtime Reuters News?
  2. mwerbe


    The reuters newsfeed is added on an individual stock basis to your newsfeed part of tws using version 876 which may mean you need to run it through your web browser. Make sure you have rss feeds enabled in the global configuration menu. As far as I can tell it's not really streaming news, but it can be set to update every minute. I was disappointed I couldn't get general market streaming news, but maybe they will improve it.
  3. Dont they used to offer dow jones for $60 or something. Is it no longer available?
  4. dst

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    mwerbe, you are correct; to get the feed you need to have corresponding feature enabled, and have TWS version 876+.

    The news are near real-time; we are working to update the infrastructure to make them true real-time.
  5. rayl


    Oooh this sounds useful. SHould advertise it somewhere.

    Though a discount arrangement with briefing.com's inplay would be even better.
  6. Are they still near real-time or did you upgrade your infrastructure to true real-time?


  7. I stopped using it because it indicated news was just released when in fact it was frequently very old news. If this was fixed it would be useful.
  8. I have used Reuters "real-time" news for about 8 months and have been underwhelmed with it so far. They have pretty good coverage of commodities and some good front page stories but they should really improve their coverage of reports of economic releases. Also, they are usually pretty slow with releasing news that is moving the markets. By the time you see the news on Reuters wire it is too late usually.
  9. Thanks for your feed.
    Does IB's Reuters Feed show the so-called Alert headlines or just the UPDATE /TABLE articles with the contents of the economic news?

    See the attachment for what I mean for 'alert headlines'.
  10. I don't get Reuters through IB but I'm sure it is probably the same or very similar as what I have. I get it through Quotecenter. It does show "alert" headlines as you asked. They are usually quick one line captions after a major release or some breaking news and are highlighted differently than other stories.
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