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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by DtSec, Mar 11, 2001.

  1. DtSec


    I would love to use my favorite broker (Interactive Brokers) with my favorite quote software (QuoteTracker).

    QuoteTracker already supports Datek, Etrade, Schwab customers.

    Since the IB quote software (Java TWS) is very "basic" in design, it would be very useful to be able to enhance it with the QuoteTracker software.

    I already contacted QuoteTracker and they say they are waiting for Interactive Broker's authorisation to support their feed.

    I don't understand why Interactive Brokers should refuse to give IB customers support for the QuoteTracker as a quote software add-on.

    I have already contacted IB management to ask them to authorise Quotetracker support of their feed for IB customers.

    If you want to support Quotetracker support of the IB feed contact IB management at: ibmgmt@interactivebrokers.com

  2. DtSec

    thanks for the iniative - I'll be on your side and will send a mail to IB.
  3. dlincke


    I really hope IB won't authorize use of their feed for that purpose. Their network connectivity is great as it is and there's no need to overload it to the detriment of their customers with freeriders that are not willing to pay for a decent quote feed.
  4. Ltrade


    Listen, I am a IB client and I have access to their quotes.

    What difference does it make to you or IB if I look at them in the java TWS or in Quotetracker?

    Almost all brokers have now support for Quotetracker. Only IB is missing.

  5. DtSec


    What we are saying is to give quotetracker support to IB clients, not to non-clients like Datek did.

    Quotetracker support of the feed would only benefit clients.
  6. dlincke - IB's quotes have been free with their demoversion in the past. You can still use them for free, I guess, with their new JTWS demo.
    Otherwise, the demo wouldn't make any sense.I think, IB doesn't maintain a special server for delayed or fake RT quotes just for demo purposes.

    The problems came, when many free-riders used 30+ pages full of RT stock quotes with the TWS 3.0 version and IB's bandwidth was not prepared. That was during April / May 2000.

    We are now talking about enabling IB customers to use QT as a RT charting / news / research program with IB quote-feed - since IB is not willing or able to provide these services on their own.
    ( Although they announced already many months ( ! ) ago that they would soon offer it ).

    As with Datek and other brokerages - one would have an account with IB in order to use IB RT quotes with QT .
    Datek ceased it's free streamer quotes service for non-account-holders.

    Anyway - cheap & fast source for RT stock and option-quotes for to use with QT is :

    - platinum subscription is 9.95 level 1 stockquotes, options. Island Level 2 and ARCA is free with QT anyway.

    If you don't want to pay hundreds of bucks /month for reliable quotes, consider quickenquotesLive Premium service.
    Full RT stock, option, indices, mutualfunds quotes package including software is 54,95 + exchange fees. Nasdaq L 2 = 9 $/month. 500 symbols at a time ( shoud be sufficient )
    Includes enhanced Comtex News,
    RT quotes directly from S&P comstock


  7. lxo7


    I hope QuoteTracker would someday not only support IB's RT quotes, but also it's order entry as well!

    The only thing I miss about Datek (after switching to IB) is the QT order entry interface. Still can't get used to the IB java workstation.

    And the IB workstation doesn't work on my Chinese Windows ME (so I had to install an English copy on the same machine). QT does.
  8. DtSec



    I hope you have contacted IB management to request QuoteTracker support.

    We need every man, because ever vote counts...

  9. fleance


    The problem with integrating with IB is that they are not web-based. I think the interface between TWS and the IB data servers is complex. I traced the TCP/IP traffic from my workstation to IB's server and there were many messages being sent back and forth..

    Trying to integrate basic trading like buy/sell, cancel, account info, etc. would be even more difficult.

    I have written my own custom order entry program for use with Datek, NDB, and DLJ, but I have not idea where I would start trying to talk to IB's data or trade servers.. You would either have to reverse engineer it from the data packets sent from your machine or decompile their java source code.

  10. DtSec


    QuoteTracker support of the IB feed is already developed.

    QuoteTracker only needs IB management authorisation to distribute it.

    Tell them you want it or they won't authorize. :)
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