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  1. Have anyone had success with this combination?

    My experiments show that Quicken still doesn't handle intra-day trades or short sales correctly. I was hoping that I somehow have misconfigured quicken, since I've had great success with Quicken with Cyber and other brokers.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Just wondering if anyone out there heard about how well IB interfaces with Quicken 2004.

    I've been creating my own QIF my hands so that I can import them into Quicken.

    However, future versions of Quicken won't support QIF files any more.


    -- MMM
  3. I was looking at quicken's new xml data format.

    There is still no time of day for the trade, only the day, so for daytrades I doubt we'll get it to work
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    In my past experiments (back in 2003 and 2002) with IB's Quicken import facility, I found that it was quite poor and in fact messed my transaction history in Quicken.

    In IB's latest poll on account statements (see their web site), I asked them (via the "other" option) to improve their integration with Quicken.

    Given that Quicken is widely used, my bet is that having a seamless integration between TWS and Quicken would be a big plus.

    Perhaps if enough of us "vote" for this, the folks at IB will put more resources behind this feature.

    -- MMM
  5. patsup


    hey yeah i had problems with quicken/IB too...
    where do you do this "voting" you speak of? how do you get there?
  6. mmm


    Go to the interactive brokers web page.

    Follow this path:

    Commmunity | Polls | Statements and Portfolio Management Integration Poll

    I put in my request for better Quicken integration under item #1, Other.

    -- MMM
  7. They have all data and computers to do this.
  8. mmm


    Just in case Def or other IB folks are reading this, another benefit to IB of putting in better (ie, correct) Quicken integration, and a proper P&L report, is that IB's Help Desk will field fewer calls from clients in the future during Tax time.
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    I use Excel for day-to-day tracking of my performance, and I use TradeKeeper (http://americanware.netfirms.com/) for tax reporting. Tk is free, and everybody already has Excel.
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    I found that quicken really sucks if you have many trades or you have short sales or options when I tried it in 2000 and 2001. When I had 10000s of trades in 2000, quicken would just choke on that. Have they improved things in 2004?

    I currently use TradeLog because it can handle large numbers of trades and it has good reports. There is also gainskeeper, TwsAutoTrack, IB Screen (http://www.ib-screen.com/), but I haven't tried them.

    IB really needs to improve the reporting. They need an Ad Hoc Data Retrieval so that you can download data in CSV format between any two dates.

    I also have a CyberTrader account, and they lets me do an Ad Hoc Query for all my trades between any two dates (up to 10 years apart), e.g. Jan 1 2004 to May 21, 2004 or Jan 1 1998 to May 21, 2004 and then download in CSV format. That is much easier than piecing together yearly, monthly, and daily IB statements!
    Also, they do have a profit and loss report, although I like the TradeLog P&L report better.
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