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  1. Would someone who has IB TWS integrated with QuoteTracker please post a reply with a screenshot of your setup so I can get an idea of what it looks like?

    Also, does the integration limit TWS functionality (views, order types, stock list tabs, links, etc.), or perhaps does it enhance it (improve order entry, ease of use)?

    I'm curious about this as a friend has TWS integrated with e-Signal and he says it limits what TWS can do.

    Just doing my homework here. :)

  2. There is no need to have someone else tell you. Just run IB's TWS Demo and then connect QuoteTracker to it. You can see all the trading features.

    QuoteTracker supports all the standard orders
    Stop Limit
    Stop Market
    Market Close
    Trailing Stop

    and all order routing options supported by IB. You can trade all securities. We do not currently support combination orders, OCA.

    There are no issues with stock list tabs since that is a particular interface in TWS. QuoteTracker uses portfolios and you can switch between them as much as you want.

    Here is a sample of the QT screen shots for IB:

  3. Cool.

    Now, are you planning to add a support for the combination and OCA orders, something like in Bracket Trader? That would make your already excellent software even better. I would rather run one program that can do charting and serve as a trading platform than two separate programs. There are not so many programs of this kind on the market (actually I'm not aware of any) and I believe that there is a great demand for them.

  4. wally,

    We do have the underlying stuff implemented in the code, but do not currently have it in the user interface. If you would like, you can help, since being that you are an active user of such features, you know what you want from it. Draw a user interface that you would like to see for the combo orders. Fit it in about the same space as the current QT/IB trading panel. Email it to me. I would be glad to look at it. Just have not had much time to devote to this myself.

  5. You're the man! Thanks once again.

    PS: WTF is steve.larson on? Or not on what he should be on?:confused:
  6. in a little over 2 weeks since he registered, steve.larson bitched about or slandered:

    Wealth Labs
    Interactive Brokers

    and gave totally erroneous advice about memory usage and Windows XP.

    And his most intelligent reply is "Baloney"

    Its not surprising that he finds the support from everyone to be horrible. The support person would have to be an angel to tolerate such an ass.
  7. corvus


    Just wanted to personally thank you for covering territory with your software that no one else would. Because QT works with so many data feeds and is so solid, it is the *perfect* auxilliary tool for me. This thing has saved my posterior a number of times when less flexible tools failed. Great work!

    EDIT: I hereby dedicate my 100th post to QT for saving me more than once. :D
  8. You missed SierraChart that somehow did not install in his desired folder. This guy must be on drugs, indeed.

    Jerry, thanks for your answer. I will look into the interface for the enhanced trading platform for your software.

  9. rickty


    I'm most interested in being able to programmatically issue buy/sell oders to IB via the HTTP server interface with QT. As I already use this interface to monitor prices, it would also be great to be able to issue orders. Do you have plans to provide this functionality in the near future?

    Thanks for a great product.

  10. rickty,

    We thought about it, but do not know if it will be implemented in the near future. If we do it, we have to implement it in a way that will be consistent regardless of the broker being used, yet not limit the functionality specific to the broker. Not an easy thing to do considering that the available functionality and how it is implemented is drastically different from one broker to another.

    Plus, there is always the business justification for this - it will take a lot of time to do, but how will it bring in money? We are not going to get a significant number of users just because of this feature. It would only be useful if 3rd party software utilized the API, and even then I don't know how many people that would add.

    Will see.
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