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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by nasdaqmadness, Oct 10, 2002.

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    A bunch. Are you interested in trading in any of them or are you just attempting to make a point? If you would like to trade in any of them PM me and I will make arrangements for you to see whichever one you'd like.
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  2. LA ECHO

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    Why not trade Prop.?
    Pay the same in commissions and overhead and get greater buying power and never have to worry about rules like PDT, wash sale, Reg T, Schedule D, etc.
    Get better technology and customer service,access to bullets,access to conversions that don't affect buying power, and the ability to trade futures, options and equities on an intraday or overnight basis with the same amount of capital that you now have.
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  3. alanm



    So you post it again?

    Please don't blatantly advertise here - this is a place where traders come to talk to each other.

    Unless you trade 3M shares/month or routinely have individual NYSE trades greater than 5000 shares, your commissions are not better than IB's retail commissions.

    Commissions and overhead are not nearly cheaper when you factor in the cost of S7, exchange membership, professional exchange fees, not to mention desk/software fees.

    Also, do you actually have an online option trading platform with electronic access to all the exchanges? Are your commissions less than the $1 per contract offered at IB? They're not even mentioned in your fee schedule.

    Disclosure: I'm a happy IB customer, and hate deceptive advertising.
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  4. Same here.

    Also Mr. OptionsXpress has posted 4 times in 4 different forums with the same blantant response.
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    No deceptive advertising going on here. Call, PM or even email me to discuss if you would like. If I am wrong I will post my apology and concession in this same forum. I say that with full knowledge and acceptance of the fact that you can not value the additional benefits afforded to you as a prop trader that I referred to in my previous post.

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  6. LA ECHO

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    And yes we do have a platform with direct access to all 5 option exchanges.
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    I highly doubt your technology is better. For starters, you don't have access to TMBR on the NYSE. I will concede that for someone undercapitalized that wants to leverage up, prop may be the answer.
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    Actually, as I said in another thread, I'm not affiliated with O-X, but rather a customer of both IB and O-X, whose comparative experiences are described in yet a different thread.

    And yes, I've posted in multiple places where I've seen people complaining about various IB issues, including PDT rules for options -- just like happy IB customers who have expressed their satisfaction in multiple postings. So?

    I'm still struggling to understand why it is that some happy IB customers react so strongly to hearing that there are others who are unhappy and who choose to discuss it. If you're happy, that's great, we're happy for you. Just ignore us (the unhappy ones).
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  9. What is this an English class? You've pointed out every single typo ever posted. This is a message board not an entrance exam for Harvard.

    Just what we need here, another Miss Manners monitoring everyone for clarity and content.
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    :confused: No, just busting your chops for being so intense about people with a different opinion.
    :(Lighten up.
    Try ten deep, slow breaths.
    Do your early-morning pre-market positive-visualization mantra.:)
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