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  1. Is anyone doing 1000+ round turns using IB or PATS?

    Have you had any problems with these front ends or their connections to the exchanges?
  2. so since you are fishing for business.... who holds my moneY??? I MAINTAIN over $50k in my account and no way is some unknown llc gonna hold my money... which FCM do you clear thru???? thanks
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    1000+ round turns per?
  4. We are a FCM registered with the NFA and CFTC. We are not an Introducing Broker. In addition we are a 106.H member of the CME. The co-founder of Momentum Securities, Jack Earnest, is also the founder of Velocity Futures.
  5. 1000+ rt's per month
  6. We are obviously are looking for business by being a sponsor of Elite trade. I'm not fishing for business with this post.

    I know that there are tons of high volume guys using TT. I'm trying to figure out if there are as many high volume guys using other systems such as IB of PATS. The intention of this post is to try to figure out if we are limiting the # of high volume clients we attract by offering only Trading Technologies.

    Also ,we are very familar with TT, and not the other platforms. So I would like to know if there are stability issues with IB or PATS.

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    You're onto a good point here. I always wondered why, Velocity,
    who is obviously trying to grow the broking side of the business [high volume] doesn't offer choice of platform.

    Velocity and its clients may prefer TT, but there are guys out there who, for whatever reason, prefer for eg. PATS ... for simple reasons such as they simply like it better, first started with it, or might have had problems with TT. [ With the latter, I am thinking specifically of a post a few months ago where the writer was basically forced/threatened to withdraw his comments about some problems he had with TT ; there are more appropriate & business-like ways for the company to respond to those comments on this board.]

    Anyway, I suspect the desired benefit to Velocity of adding say PATS would exceed the cost.


  8. I'd offer all 3 if I were you. The more options the better.
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    jearnest Velocity Futures

    As for other platforms, we are looking for information about if traders who do a lot of volume prefer IB, Pats, TT or whatever. Our current opinion is that they generally prefer TT, but this may be limited because we only deal with TT. I would like to know if PATS is a system (j-trader) that some larger traders prefer or is it generally preferred because of the lower cost, (when preferred over TT).?

    We are considering getting PATS as another platform for our traders and would like to know what traders really think about J-Trader...

    Also, are there any traders who do volume that are using another platform other than TT or PATS...ie IB...what do they like about it?

    Obviously, we would like to know to better provide for traders and we probably have a slighted opinion because we all grew up using TT to trade futures.

  10. i believe it behoove you to offer additional platforms such as j-trader and ib's tws. neither one requires a monthly platform fee.i currently use j-trader because of its similiarity to x_trader i.e. dome feature/vertical grid trading. i certainly will use you if you offer j-trader w/o the monthly platform fee.
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