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    The problem isn't the help desk (they should be able to tell where an order is routed). From what I understand it is the problem of the exchanges. If an order hits a floor where a specialist reals it in and doesn't release it, there is not much you can do. Assuming the help desk knows where the order was routed, they still need to call the exchange who has to contact the specialist, etc. Believe it or not, things are getting better with the exchanges and hopefully things like true linkage and new exchanges will speed up the process.
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  2. How can I direct an order for options to go to a specific exchange. I've poked hi and lo in the TWS menu and can't find that switch to go from SMART to a particular exchange. Thanks
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    when you enter a symbol and choose a month, the entire series pops up. just slide the mouse down past SMART and you'll see the exchanges pop up. You can also choose the sort key after they pop up and sort by exchange, currency then strike.
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    Gat, yes and you can also change your page layout to display the field 'Dest.'
    when you activate this field (menu Page \ layout ) in the order fields list.

    then each time you create an order line, it's possible to click on the destination (ie SMART ) and switch to somewhere else.

    PS : by the way, even in TWS you DO KNOW where the order went even when using smart. The order line displays the exchange used.
    but that's too late for the problem we are talking about. and def's comment makes sense (it's too late).
    I stick to my advice : don't use SMART until the exchanges put their act together.
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    Def's right.

    I went through this issue (and documented it accordingly here some months ago). IBhelp calls the exchange where it was routed and the exchange says "We don't have it."

    Now what do you do?

    The order stays pink the rest of the day. I don't know that manually routing the order would resolve this. For the record, this only ever happened (with me) on orders that were GTC and carried overnight, never with an order that was entered the same day.
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