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  1. When I execute a option combo position , the trader log window shows it correctly in summary form and I can drill down for details. But when it comes to portfolio page the above presentation is not there and all puts and calls are listed separately in various orders. There I cant make out which are my combo items. Ideally they should follow the same reporting format as they do in trader log window (which is only available for a week) .

    My question is what do you do in these circumstances ? Do you write down on a spread sheet and list your combo orders as you make them. ? Or is there some facility in IB where you can see your trades as you made it for more than a week?

  2. I take a screen shot of the trade log window at the end of each day.

    From the trade log window, you can export your trade records to a CSV file.
    Trade records are also automatically saved to a file named executions.txt in your c:\IBJts\accountname directory

    Here is what a combo looks like:

    GLD 101112P00137000;OPT;20101112;137;Put;;BOT;1;;0.89;15:35:17;20101111;ISE;
    GLD 101120P00137000;OPT;20101119;137;Put;;SLD;1;;1.84;15:35:17;20101111;ISE;
  3. I don't get the problem...just go back to the original page where you placed the order. What am I missing?

  4. Thanks. I have not understood you properly, Go back to original page - which page? Trade log lists pages for 5 days only. Do you mean page in daily statement ? Portfolio page lists all open positions. If these positions are listed as originally taded, ie iron condor or strangle and details can be drilled down .
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    Because IB only allows a look back for 5 days, it's a problem if you want to see the original trade. Therefore you need to do a scrren capture (PRT SCR) or use the EXPORT TODAY'S RESULTS feature from the TRADES page.

    For more complex positions or positions where I've adjusted, I use a spreadsheet. At times I've linked larger ones via DDE to real time so that it breaks down the P&L of various components. It all depends on what info you need.
  6. Hmmm, looks like we are on two different planets. Because Spind0 in the next post also did not see my point I suspect that I might be the guy on Mars.

    Anyway, I assume you are using IB's TWS software and not some third party add-in (assuming there is such a thing). Typically with TWS you setup a trading page where you list any stocks, options, etc that you care about. A trading page is another tab that looks just like the portfolio page. I think (hope) what I have just said is obvious.

    I usually setup a combination play on the trading page. That is, I put each leg on the page and then add a Combo line right above them. These entries are permanent and have continuously updated quotes. They do not disappear after the order is executed. These entries also contain most of the data that's on the Portfolio page (position values, P/L, qty, etc).

    When I'm ready I'll execute a combo order on that same page. Subsequently I watch progress on that same page.

    I'm thinking that you setup your orders directly using an order screen without first setting them up on a trading page.

    Am I making any sense?

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    Hey Don,

    I too am not sure what the OP is after.

    You're right, if you leave the order intact on the Trading page then it's clear. For me, it gets a little confusing when you have multiple positions in the same UL, especially if the orders have common legs. The trading page will only aloow one of each symbol so you can get a number of combo orders missing a line for one leg. In addition, the Portfolio page combines all legs in summary so after adding/subtracting things, it gets murky - hence the reason I use a spreadsheet at times.

    So, how are things on Mars? :)
  8. I do set up a trading page but as spindr0 has described in the next post things get murky when you have used the same legs again so I am forced to make up a spreadsheet.This becomes too much work .And then from time to time you have to agree portfolio page with trading page and the spreadsheet.
  9. Yes, I agree things get murky when you reuse the same legs in other combos.

    What I do in those murky cases is to compare the original combo price to the current combo price to track my combo P/L. I don't look at the raw IB P/L figures in that case except maybe to reconcile things. I also set alarms against the combo prices.

    Also I find it very useful to setup a comments column and I record trade prices and other notes there.

    If I start breaking the original combo ratios by trading individual legs then tracking P/L gets pretty hairy and maybe a spreadsheet is needed as you said.

    Spin, Mars is okay but the bars have no atmosphere.