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  1. hi. when nymex moves the mini oil to it own system will these contracts still be available?-thanx :D
  2. I tried to roll over my QM/QG position today. I was able to close the August contracts but I got an error message opening the September contract. I just talked to an IB rep. He made some excuse about a systems problem of some sort. He said that the September NYMEX contracts would be tradable by Sunday. AFAIK the August minis cease trading at 2:30 Eastern on Tuesday July 19.

  3. ramuk


    July is the last contract for IB as far as Nymex e-mini is concerned.

    Trade the IPE brent crude contract.

    Symbol is COIL
  4. thanx. i guess ib isnt ready to trade on the nymex clearport sytem yet. when i couldnt trade the sept qg contract friday i figured somehting was up but i think it was just a malfuction. ib just isnt getting out any info on this. later:D
  5. TGM


    I have been trading Nymex products on Ib. Nymex is not rolling from CME globex just yet. They postponed it again. I pulled up Sept. crude in IB and it came up friday.

    Anyone looking at trading Nymex crude or Natural Gas electronically. Give Ib a look. I am saving several dollars a roundturn with IB. I cannot find anyone as cheap without leasing a seat.