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  1. Hi guys, i was wondering if IB can waive your 50 dollars suscription if you do a certain amount of trades, I know they do it for equities with more than 30 dollars of comission the data feed for equities is waived but for the EMINI sp 500 will it be the case?

    I want to trade with ninja trader but i cannot find a broker that will give me daily data besides from intraday, just IB as the other ones used mostly zen-fire or TT?

    any help please


  2. Aok


    The $50 is Ninjas license fee not IB's

    Neither company will waive the fee.

    If you truly like Ninja you can buy it outright, but leasing is the way to go.

    Have you tried Zeroline Trader? It can do 90% of what Ninja can do for $7.50/month
    In fact ZLT is probably more stable with IB than Ninja. Not Ninjas fault, it's on TWS.

    The King Front End for IB is ButtonTrader imo.

    As far as your EOD search, try Iqfeed with Ninja. Or keep Ninja and IB for your real time data and get Quotetracker and Iqfeed for $30< month.
  3. Oh i see, sorry if the questions are a bit stupid, thing is that i am new researching for futures brokers. I have traded but stocks now i want to move on. OK so. you say that i can use IB and ninja for realtime data and add the quotetracker for daily. Is it realiable or not. i read somewhere that sometimes when you do that there tends to be a lot of gaps. I dont know if it is true

    let me know please

  4. JackR


    Daniel - What do you want to do?

    1) Trade futures
    2) Trade stock
    3) Trade both futures and stock

    What kind of trading?
    1) Scalping
    2) Short-term (day)
    3) Position

    IB's datafeed is a modified tick feed. It is very fast but they may omit some ticks so that when they transmit you are getting the most recent price they have received from the exchange or ECN.

    Button Trader and Ninja can both be used for scalping. IB has a free fairly simple scalping tool called BookTrader.

    You can use Quote Tracker to build charts of virtually any type or time scale using IB's feed. IB has its own charts but I haven't heard too much about them lately but they used to be universally disliked. They've been changing them over the last two years but I been too lazy to play with them.

    Use the ET search tool (upper right corner) of the screen for lots of threads on IB's time sliced data, pro and con.

    If you trade futures with IB, 15 round trips covers the $30 data feed waiver. However, in my opinion, if you are worried about $30/month you are not ready to trade futures. IB often raises the minimum margin per index futures contract to the $3,000 to $4,000 range. They don't do that because futures are a low risk trade. THey've also recently raised the account opening minimum deposit to $10,000.

  5. Hi jack thanks a lot.

    I want to trade futures, i will open with 10000, I have been testing ninja and IB platform and ninja seems faster and with more features, now the thing is that i dont know if those 30 dollars are for the ninja feed or for the IB feed. That is what i dont get. If i trade with IB will i have to pay 30 for the IB data feed and 50 for the ninja data fee? (in case i dont reacher the 30 for comission)

    Let me know please...

  6. JackR



    How have you been testing IB - with the Demo account? If so, you've gotten a feel for the TWS software but not its actual speed. The demo account uses simulated data and I believe runs on its own rather low priority server. It is (or was when I used it a few years ago) slow.

    To your questions: IB will charge you $10 ror the datafeed if you do not generate $30 in commissions per month. IB's unbundled futures commission for the ES is $2.35 per side or $4.70 per round trip (RT). That is less than 2 RTs per week to hit the $30.

    IB has nothing to do with Ninja's $600 per year fee. That gets paid by you to Ninja. IB has no rebate arrangement for outside vendor's fees so far as I know. Any rebates/waivers IB offers are published on their web site in the data subscription area.

    So if you trade 8 RTs a month using Ninja at IB your cost will be $50 per month. Since one ES point is $50 you have to make just one point per month to break even. Be aware, it is not as easy as it seems.

  7. Hi jack, thanks.

    Yes i tried IB with the demo and it was pretty slow. I am confused as to whether it will be better to trade using ninja or go just for the IB platform. Since i have not been able to test for real any of them, i am not sure what to do.

    Jack can you give me a hand here? Do you use ninja or just the IB platform?

    Let me know since I need to have the opinion of someone who has already done it.

    IF you prefer to email me. here is my email


    I will really appreciate your help

  8. JackR



    Ninja has many capabilities that IB's BookTrader does not. I've never used Ninja, just read a little about it.

    It really depends on how you plan to trade. I cannot help you there.


  9. vingbel


    Are there are combinations of Ninja and brokers where Ninja is free?
  10. Surdo


    You can subscribe to Ninja Trader/Zen Fire combo for $50/ month and pay no additional data/platform fees using AMP or Mirus Futures. There are several threads on both of these introducing brokers. You do not need IB to use Ninja Trader.Try the Ninja/Zen demo out.
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